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Lost in a strange world. Will Trevor choose to return home or will he fight for the future of Ëlamár?

Danger lies ahead. General Nirikó has gathered an army of the dead and means to lay siege to the beautiful city of Ârus, condemning all within to a fate worse than death.

Despite the threat, Trevor and his new friend Mèlli travel aboard a flying galleon, cross the much-feared carnivorous forest of Daknat’òr and, when events take a turn for the worse, rely on the help of the extraordinary inhabitants of Ëlamár, all to collect a single drop of rare and powerful magic.

Friendships are put to the test as their adventure unfolds and their conflicting goals are revealed. Will courage and loyalty prevail?


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Beneath the Watchers’ Eye is the first in a collection of short stories set before the time of The Harpy’s Song.

Follow the adventures of Eimilÿa and Attâya as they set out to discover the treasures of the ancient Ëláryians.

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