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About Me

Hi there! Thanks for Visiting.

My name is Logan Joss and I’m a fantasy and science fiction writer, for both teens and adults.

I enjoy creating other worlds, be that straight up fantasy adventure or sci-fi, or else something in the realms of myth and magic or a foray into the occult and demonology. I like to take real life and give it a bit of a twist!

For me, reading books provides a rest from reality and a chance to escape to a world which is truly anything you can imagine it to be. And I can imagine a lot of things!

One of my favourite authors is Philip Reeve; his Mortal Engines series is fantastic (I can’t wait for the new film…) and it was these books that inspired me to write¬†The Harpy’s Song.

I’ve been an avid story teller from an early age and have always loved to make up tales of adventure to entertain people. But it’s only very recently that I’ve had the opportunity (and been brave/crazy/lucky enough) to devote my time to actually writing these stories down. I hope that you’ll enjoy them.

When I’m not writing I like to snuggle up on the settee and watch movies. Movies give me a lot of my inspiration for writing – sometimes just a single line from a film can turn into a whole story in my head. I like watching anything with a well-thought-out plot and believable characters, regardless of genre. And I always love a good superhero movie. Who doesn’t?

I also love listening to music and at least two of my stories have been inspired by songs. I have an eclectic music taste and what I listen to depends largely on how I’m feeling at the time. Music conjures up so many emotions!

My favourite thing in the whole world, though, is the sea. I grew up on the coast so was always surrounded by the ocean and now I feel like it’s a part of me. The sea has a kind of presence that I feel connected to and it gives me solace more than anything else can. I love to be near it, on it or in it. I like to go paddle boarding whenever there’s time – as long as it’s not too cold. I’m very new at it and need all the practice I can get!